Thursday, August 22, 2013

Four full months of riding!

So here it is, day 122, which also marks four full months of riding and 140 hours in the saddle.  In that time, I've put almost three thousand miles on the bike, which means that it's about time for my first oil change.  I've already made my first real repairs; a voltage regulator and plugging the rear tire, and I've had a million ideas of what I'd like to do with the bike in terms of customization.

Regarding customization, I keep coming back to the same answer: engine guards, a rear luggage rack and maybe a tail bag to carry a helmet or kendo equipment.  And perhaps a taller backrest.  Aside from that, I have decided to keep Comet stock.  I learned my lesson years ago with cars: modified vehicles rarely have the reliability of those you just leave alone, and often, the performance and styling benefits are much less than originally envisioned.  Or the appeal wears off very quickly.

With so few Harleys left stock, that in itself sets mine apart.

Ride free and true!

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