Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Year of Riding

First of all, many apologies for not writing sooner!

It's been a busy 2014; I completed writing two novels, both projects that began more than two years ago, completed a novel length fan fiction, and have put together curriculum for my spring and summer sessions of martial arts classes. All that in addition to working my 40 hour a week day job and spending time with my family and fiancée!

It's been a little over a year, and I have just about doubled the original 8250 miles that were on the bike when I purchased it last April. I've been riding it more regularly this April/May than I did last April/May when I first purchased it. There are a number of reasons for this, the largest being that I have a lot more confidence riding than I did, and I am using it for taking my fiancée out on the town (as weather permits; rainy motorcycle dates are not fun for her).

It seemed that the winter would not let go this year, and I rode through most all of it. Coming out of winter and a rainy spring (all of which I also rode through), I enter my summer riding season with supreme confidence. I also enter the summer riding season with forward controls; I installed these in May, and it made a world of difference! Wider handlebars, mini-floor boards, and a more comfy seat are on my list as well.

Riding from winter into spring was a magical time for me, as I was much more aware of the slow return of spring. The greenery slowly filled the gaps between the trees, changing the delicate lattice-work of branches into a tapestry of color and beauty.

Now, the corn is growing in one of the fields that I pass and some of the roads that I ride daily, after a month or two of grooved pavement, are now resurfaced just in time for summer.

In my year of owning a near two decade old Harley Davidson, the replacement of the voltage regulator aside, the bike has been bulletproof and easy to service. It has also proven very capable as a do-it-all bike. From daily commuting to weekend pleasure rides to light touring, this bike quite literally does it all.

After a winter riding season, however, I am considering buying a second bike to ride in winter weather, most likely a dual sport.

Anyway, I'm back. Thanks for reading!

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