Thursday, July 16, 2015

After a long absence ...

It has close to a year since my last post here, and a lot has happened. I suppose I should have made regular writing here a 2015 resolution.

So let's start with the motorcycle related news:

Remember that 2012 Switchback that I talked about riding in a prior post? Well, I bought it. I traded Comet in on Red Sonja, an ember sunglo red FLD, which had been equipped by her prior owner with an oil cooler and a Harley Signature Touring Seat with a rider backrest. It was a decision that I agonized over for months, but Lynda and I both agreed that it was a decision that made sense.

I added a detachable passenger backrest when I got it home. This one has the wide cushion, which Lynda loves. Being an FLD, she has a detachable windscreen, larger, locking detachable panniers, floorboards, and the big FL forks.

The bike rides much smoother than the old Super Glide ever did, but when the panniers and windscreen are removed, something magical happens: the bike's personality transforms from that of a 'Road Queen' to that of a Road Warrior. The stripped down FLD thinks it's a Fatbob, and urges you to ride with spirit and gusto. All that, while getting better mileage than the old Super Glide did.

The Twin Cam 103 engine is a true torque-monger, but it's not just for barhopping. Where my old 1340 ran out of breath around 75mph, the 1690cc FLD will easily take you into triple digit speeds. Having a six speed transmission instead of a five speed makes a big difference as well.

Since getting the bike on the last day of February, I have put over six thousand miles on it, and have added engine guards. I kept the Kurykyn iso-pegs with heel rests, and added those, and I kept the Python mufflers, though I will need to change the head pipes to use them.

On the personal front, I have published my science fiction novel at long last. The Silver Liner: Takes Flight! is available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online, iUniverse, and is available on both Kindle and Nook.

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